The colours of the Soul

The colours Of the Soul

Scontro di forze

The colours of the Soul are for me a way to comunicate all the sensations, the emotions, the nuances of feelings that the man can feel.
The colours are a bridge that allows me to connect with the outside and to show people the deeper me.
I have often heard that the journey more adventurous and incredible is within us and it is the only one that can help us understand ourselves better.
As we approach to the deeper part of us, we perceive things around us always with different eyes till we are able to see with the Eyes of the Soul.

Everyting appears with an intensity and emotion to take the breath away; in harmony with ourselves we discover that the inner world merges with the outside world and they influence each other.
The colours of the soul reflect as a mirror who we are and illuminate the hidden parts in our depths.
We can consequently overcome the patterns formed over the years using the colours that like a rainbow succeed in reaching our essence.

Laura Molonaro

Il vento

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