Les couleurs de l'Âme


Laura Molonaro was born on May 4th 1973 in Sanremo, Italy.
Since she was child she drew and painted, guided by painters and sculptures.
She attended the Institute of Art in Imperia where she achieve the diploma in applied art.
Then at 19 years old Laura began her personal research that leaded herself to favour the use of strong and intense colours.
In her art she is always inspired from the beauty of the world around, beauty that she developed through her inner vision.
The journeys in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and a brief stay on Tenerife in Canaries Isles influence her.
Her inner research brings to practice olistic disciplines that give herself an always more personal vision of the world.

About Laura:

Piero Manzoni despite his short life, leaved an unforgettable sign in the contemporary art.
He said: "is not enought 'talking in different ways', it's neccessary talking about new things".
This is the true quest of the Artist because it means never giving out to the exciting but difficult duty of create.
The young artist Laura Molonaro follows the right way. Each opera is a creation, we can't never notice recurring works and also when, rarely, the subject is fully figurative, the image grows with a personal and strong interpretation.
What strikes in her production is the application of the colour always as the main character and always in different situations.
Rarely in monochromatic paintings, more often with combination of strongly conflicted colours that bestow to the painting a strong emotional impression.
An other feature of her work is the use of an intense coloured geometric sign that appears also in her most figurative paintings. The sources of her inspirations are certanly the nature and the daily life experiences. Images that are developed in her mind and given back to the external.
The geometric shapes, inserted in fields of colour, are basic shapes, always present in nature and common to all elements, but what strikes is that those shapes are shown through mental vision of the artist, such as sudden flash and with a strong charge of energy.
That energy is released in several compositions through a geometric sign with the shape of rays.
Laura's work is surely inspired by external sparks, but is always mentally elaborated, and this is the first and more important feature of the Artist.

Lorenzo Civiero
July 2nd 2013

email: info@lauramolonaro.it